Studio Policies
Studio Policies

To maintain the professional nature of the studio, we ask that all students and parents adhere to our studio policies and code of conduct.

Studio Policies:

  • Arrive on time:
    • The first 10 minutes of class are crucial for a proper warm up and stretch in order to avoid injury.
  • Participation:
    • If your dancer is not well enough to participate in class, we ask that they stay and watch the class. This will help them in learning the material.
  • Uniform and grooming:
    • All students must adhere to the dress code and be wearing the proper uniform for class.
    • Hair must be in a bun and out of the student’s face unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
  • Positive attitude:
    • Students are expected to come to class with a positive attitude and with enthusiasm to learn.
    • Students are not to correct one another, but are encouraged to help in creating a positive learning environment.


  • Do not leave young children unattended.
  • Do not allow young children to stand, or play, on the furniture (such as chairs and tables) as this is unsafe.
  • Arrange drop off/pick-up in a timely manner.
  • Do not allow your dancer to wear their dance shoes outside.
  • The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items – please leave valuables at home.
  • No gum or food is permitted in the dance studios.
  • No outdoor shoes are to be worn in the dance studios.
  • If it is raining or snowing outside, all outdoor shoes and boots are to be left in the entryway.
  • There is no smoking permitted on studio property.
  • If an issue should arise with your child, please speak to the Receptionist – do not interrupt the classes – or speak with the teacher after class.
  • The studio reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather or other emergencies.